This article will help you to know detailed information about the divorce process in Nepal.

Divorce means the formal, voluntary ending of a marriage by the granting of a decree of dissolution of that marriage on the petition of either party thereto, in a manner that allows the parties to remarry.

The divorce process in Nepal is governed by Muluki Civil Code 2074.

Grounds Available to Divorce for Husband

The divorce process in Nepal can be carried out by the husband under the following circumstances:

Grounds Available to Divorce for Wife

The divorce process in Nepal can be carried out by the wife under the following circumstances:

Conditions of Automatic Divorce

There is no requirement to follow divorce in Nepal but automatic divorce takes place under the following circumstances ;

Partition Before Divorce

The legal provision has been made for the Court to provide property in the partition to the wife before granting divorce if it is demanded in conditions where divorce is possible by the reason of the husband.

If the joint property is in the name of the husband and wife or in the name of either the husband or wife, such property should be partitioned between them according to the law before granting a divorce.

If the property is yet to be acquired in the partition by the husband from his father or other coparceners, the court shall ask for the details of the property in the partition and provide property to both husband and wife in the partition.

The divorce process in Nepal can be carried out in the following steps

  1. Petition to be filed: The husband or wife who wishes to get the relationship divorced shall file a petition in court.
  2. Notice: Notice should be given to another party through the court about the petition.
  3. Reply: Another party must file a reply petition in court at a specific time.
  4. Trial: Once both the parties have presented their points and opinions through the petition and the reply, the trial begins where the court hears both the parties with their evidence and facts.
  5. Mediation to be made between husband and wife: If a petition is filed for divorce, the court shall, to the extent possible, remind and convince both the parties and conciliate them.
  6. Temporary Orders: In the next step of the divorce procedure, the court can issue the temporary orders relating to child custody, alimony, and maintenance as required by the party
  7. Divorce to be effected: If the court fails to make conciliation between the husband and wife even after reminding and convincing them and finds it appropriate to get the relationship divorced rather than to continue it any longer, the court shall effect divorce between them.
  8. Partition of property to be effected before divorce: If divorce is to be affected because of the husband, the court shall, if the wife so demands, cause the partition to be effected between the husband and wife before effecting divorce.
    If the partition can not bring into effect instantly then the wife should be provided with the monthly expenses and income of the husband until the partition comes into effect.
  9. Cancellation of Marriage Certificate: Registration of marriage certificate must be canceled from the ward office after divorce.

The Rights of Women after Divorce

Guardianship of Child After Divorce

After the lawful divorce process in Nepal is completed, a minor born from them will remain under the custody of the father or mother under the following circumstances:

If there is an agreement between husband and wife about the custody of a minor during divorce then custody according to the agreement.

If the minor is above 10 years then the opinion of the minor is also taken into consideration.

If the mother or father, under whose custody a minor is living, dies, the surviving father or mother shall take the minor under his or her custody without any delay.

But if the mother has already concluded another marriage, she is not obliged to take a minor above five years of age under her custody.

Documents required for the petition of Divorce

Can either husband or wife file a petition for divorce?

Yes, either husband or wife can file a petition for divorce under the circumstances mentioned in Muluki Civil Code 2074.

Who can keep the child after divorce?

Either husband or wife can keep the child according to the provision of Muluki civil code 2074.

Can a child decide with whom they stay after divorce?

Children only above 10 years of age can share their opinions on with whom they want to stay.