This article will help you to know about the documents, legal procedures, etc. that are required for marriage registration in Nepal.

In Nepal, all the proceedings related to the registration of marriage are administered by the chapter of the marriage of civil code 2017 (2074) and the Marriage Registration Act 2028.

Process of Marriage Registration in Nepal

Documents required for Marriage Registration in Nepal

Marriage Registration via Court

Document needed for Marriage Registration via Court

Process of Marriage Registration of a Nepali and a Foreigner

Documents needed for Marriage Registration of a Nepali and a Foreigner

Questions and Answers

What is the minimum age requirement for marriage in Nepal?

According to Muluki Civil Code 2074, the legal age for marriage in Nepal for both males and females is 20 years.

Can a Nepali and foreigner register a marriage in Nepal?

Yes, a Nepali and foreigner can register a marriage in Nepal by following the legal procedures as mentioned in the Muluki Civil Code 2074 and Marriage Registration Act 2028.

Is it compulsory to register a marriage?

Yes, it is compulsory to register a marriage for legal validity. A marriage can be registered either at court or ward office or at the embassy according to the circumstances.